JZ Environmental Consultants

JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. Offers You
The Perfect Balance.

The perfect balance between getting the job done - and ensuring you meet all your environmental obligations.

Yes, you can have it both ways.

JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. is an organization of committed specialists dedicated to ensuring you get your job done while fulfilling your permitting obligations and making sure you are in compliance at all times. We also know how to help you manage the project to stay on schedule. Balancing these two objectives requires great skill, scientific knowledge of the long-term effects, and personal dedication to ensure harmony.

JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. brings proprietary software, processes, and leading edge technology together with nationally recognized top scientists, expertise, and skills honed from working on some of the most important projects in North America.

You can count on JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. to guide you through environmental issues at the same time helping ensure you stay on schedule and free of unhappy surprises.

Perfect balance. Every time.

Principal Scientist Janet Knaffla

I founded JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. on
four basic principles:

  1. Janet KnafflaCommitment - This group at JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. is one of the most dedicated, hardworking crews you'll ever find. I'm proud to say each member of this team gives everything they can to serve our clients to the fullest. The bar has been set high at JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. Every day we set forth to make a difference and at day's end, we know we've accomplished this goal.
  2. Communication - Open, honest communication serves everyone best and ensures all parties involved in a project have the right information at the right time to make the right decisions. We are committed to good communication in all forms - from face-to-face discussions to detailed scientific reports when appropriate. We don't sugarcoat the facts, but present them as they are: our integrity is one of our most important assets and it will never be compromised.
  3. Culture - I've cultivated a culture at JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. to encompass these principles in all we do. Our staff consists of the best people to help us grow in spirit and services as well as in size. We stake our reputation on the merits of who we are and what we do for you.
  4. Responsibility - Every project and every client is important to me and as founder of JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc., I take personal responsibility for everything we do. Even though we have grown considerably and I have project managers who take on much of the management in their respective areas, you can be assured, I oversee every step of the work we do for you.

If you want straight answers, unbelievable dedication, sound experience, and a culture of excellence that permeates every level of service, then call JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. to get your job completed - on time and in compliance.