About JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Serving You and Preserving the Environment Since 2000

JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. was founded in 2000 by Janet (Zynda) Knaffla, Principal Scientist and majority owner of the company. Specializing in environmental and biological consulting, JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. assists both public entities and private land owners with their environmental regulation compliance needs while helping move much needed projects forward.

JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. offers full environmental services in the Great Lakes region, from initial baseline studies through environmental planning review, permitting negotiation, liaison to obtain legal agreements, mitigation design, construction supervision, and monitoring and compliance reporting. We bring together an experienced multidisciplinary team of biologists, certified erosion and sediment control specialists, landscape architects, wetland specialists, and geographic information systems technologists.

Although specializing in energy and utility projects and golf course construction, JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. expertise also includes wetland determination and delineation, watershed management, botany studies, environmental site assessments, and environmental energy and utility line inspection and management. JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. also has extensive experience in all facets of natural resource management as well as the regulatory processes and requirements of both Wisconsin and Michigan.

Recently, we added a new specialty to our services. We now have a nationally recognized herpetologist on our team and are currently conducting threatened and endangered turtle surveys in northern Wisconsin.

JZ Environmental Consultants, Inc. is not a large company. We don't have hundreds of people on staff serving the entire country or dozens of offices manned with a barrage of salespeople clamoring to get your project dollars. What we do have is a very nimble group with a set of specialties and top notch people who will serve you and your goals better than companies 10 times our size. We have several offices throughout Michigan and Wisconsin to fully serve you. We're lean, we don't waste your time or money, and we get the job done right.


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